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Gluten who??

I like to make cake an inclusive thing! Who wants to sit and stare at everyone enjoying a beautiful Cake without being able to join in? And why should they? Everyone should be able to eat Cake!! It used to be that if you had an allergy to Gluten, your only options were tasteless or cardboard like in consistency. Now though, there are many products available that help us ‘Cakers’ to ensure that everyone can enjoy our creations. There is no need to worry about being able to include your loved ones that have dietary requirements.

Gluten FreeMy favourite ingredient at the moment are these Gluten Free Flours from The Free From Fairy.  I was lucky enough to be sent some to try and I have had outstanding results.  I regularly bake, Gluten and Dairy free Cakes and Cupcakes.  These Flours make adapting recipes easy.

I recently had a Gluten Free Bride over for a consultation, she took a sample back with her for her friends and family to try.  I was really pleased when she emailed me the next day, very excited to say, her friends and family couldn’t tell it was Gluten Free!!!  I’m really looking forward to making her Wedding Cake later this year.

These amazing Flours are available direct from The Free From Fairy’s website or Amazon.

Another of my favourite places to go for info and inspiration is the The Food Allergy Hub.  Great for recipe idea’s, new products and general help with day to day life with allergies.  Pop over and have a look, or send Rae a message if you have a specific question.


Have fun creating tasty Gluten Free Cake…..or order one from me!





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